Welcome to the Homepage of Nina Helms!

This page serves as an introduction to the work of jewellery designer Nina Helms.

Nina Helms studied Jewellery design in Milan/Italy. Since then she has returned to her hometown of Hamburg, where she has opened up a studio of her own. Not only let the schooling in Italy influence her work, also regular stays on the Ligurian coast helped her find a form of her own, which shows up in her art. Mostly, this collection consists of work in sterling silver. Obviously there are inspirations found in Italy: This may become evident not only by the shapes of her jewellery . Its organic forms share a similarity of leaves or flowers. Also the italian influence shows itself in the use of additional natural ressource materials such as olivewood or stones.

You are encouraged to find out more about the work of Nina Helms in ordering her catalogue of available jewellery or making a personal appointment with her at her studio in Hamburg.



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